Competition Rules

Our competitions comply with the law, licence conditions, and codes of practice, of the Gambling commission, as per the Gamling Act section 14 (5)

To enter any of our competions you must firstly be 18 years or older, and a member of You can register at the top right corner of our site (desktop version), or alternativly you will be promted to register if you choose to take part in any competitions pryor to selecting your numbers.

How to enter the prize competitions

1. Pick the Competition you want to enter.

2. Choose how many numbers you would like in the draw (some competitions have a limit on the number of tickets you can purchase).

3. Answer the skill based question

4. Complete payment.

5. Once payment is complete you will be emailed with your number/s in your choosen competition/s.

How and when the winner is picked

1. Once the timer on the competition is complete the winner or winners will be selected by our specialist software that is built into to the website.

2. The winner/ winners will be emailed automatically.

Delivery to the winner and uploading winner pictures

1. The prize will be delivered by recorded mail to the winner within 5 working days of the winner being announced.

2. Once you receive your prize, please post a picture of you and your win to our facebook Finds group page.

3. Delivery is free of charge to all United Kingdom addresses.
Winning pictures will be uploaded to our website within 7 days on ‘Winners’ page.

Good luck everyone!

Star competitions

Purchasing tickets that are marked with a gold star, qualifies you to receive a free weekender ticket to one of our events. A minimum of 20 competition ticket purchases are required collectively to recieve a free event ticket. If you beleive that you have made 20 purchases and for some reason you have not received a free ticket please email us at